How to write mobile friendly content in 2018

How to write mobile friendly content in 2018.

Mobile friendly content in 2018

Global mobile trends point out more people now interact on smart devices leaving desktop versions as secondary touch points. At Sagcentre our content strategy is to create mobile friendly content for this growing readership.

Writing content for mobile readers is no easy task.  The focus as always is to cut the extra flab and shape your business story into a slim and fresh product.

The look and feel and the depth of your responsive website should engage readers at all levels.

Here below we have tried to nail down top factors like front-loaded and solution-driven content to using catchy headlines and images when writing for mobile in 2018:

#1 Front-loaded content

How to write mobile friendly content in 2018.Space constrain and the attention span of a reader are top factors when content is viewed on a mobile device. Front load the top content of the page in the introductory paragraph.

Compared to desktop versions where space is freely available mobile devices have limitations. The crux of the content and the subject focus of a page should be presented in the intro.

This helps readers to process the page content and helps their decision-making to continue further with the page or not.

This is a value-addition for your website experience on several fronts. It helps readers or potential customers navigate and find great content and it helps in search engine crawlers to index your website based on the keywords and helpful content for a reader.

Getting the attention span of a reader is an added bonus when content is front loaded. A potential customer will want to find information in the shortest possible time. Long winding content which leads to a blind-alley is not a path the reader wants to scroll down to.

#2 Solution-driven content

Solving the problem of a reader or customer should be top agenda for your web page content. With this in mind your page content should be single purpose.

A solution-driven approach on a page minus the clutter of distractive content adds value. Readers would have found your content after a long search. Their journey on your website page should be a smooth sail for them.

Your mobile friendly content should resolve a problem they are facing in the shortest possible time.

Mobile friendly content in 2018.

A single purpose page which neatly resolves a problem a customer is facing (for eg. How to set up your company gmail account) is a plus factor.

Your content would have helped a reader gain a positive experience on your website. Their feedback adds value to your website and drives more traffic and your website page now has the potential to be shared on social media.

This will drive more traffic to your website and will increase your ranking. You will also earn high value backlinks in the process.

#3 Concise content

Short and sweet is the rule of thumb for mobile friendly content. Content should be chunked into short paragraphs with a clear narrative. This will gives readers a smooth user journey while reading through your website content.

Not only should the paragraphs be short but the points or thoughts your are elaborating should be contained in that paragraph.

Time constrain and the short attention span of a reader on a mobile device means you have to write less and say more.

Break down your topic or idea into several points and create an easy journey for a reader on the page. Put yourself in the readers’ shoes and create great content helpful and easy for users.

#4 Short and catchy headlines

Short and catchy subheadings are a must for mobile content. This serves the twin purpose of a clear-cut user journey and also helps a reader scan the page content with ease.

The subheadings should be short to the point and should serve its purpose on the page of highlighting the page section.

Short subheadings will help readers pick content in order of their choice. Large blocks of content minus subheadings will increase your page bounce rate and dampen the user journey.

It’s a win-win formula for website content to be depicted into short paragraphs with snappy headlines.

#5 Eye catching images or videos

How to write mobile friendly content.Rich content with images and videos is a must when creating content for mobile readers. Eye tracking research has shown that users zoom in and spend more time on images displayed on a page than the content.

Images, infographics and videos should used wisely and to enhance the look and feel of a page. The rich media content on a page should be a perfect balance of images and infographics with optimised content.

A plus factor of having powerful images, indepth infographics and interesting videos in your content page is its social sharing power. Content pages or blogs with rich media content is sure to be shared on social media platforms.

Creating mobile content is all about outlining a clear user journey for your readers. The single purpose of a website page should be to help the user find information in the shortest possible time and with less pain points.

Great mobile content at its crux is smart and easy for a user to find and apply.